People live their lives 50% offline and 50% online. Your business should too.


Website is not only a promotional tool. It's a reflection of your business.

Website is a virtual house of your business. Make that house pleasant and comfortable for your guests and they’ll come and visit you often.

Online buyers love well-organized web pages where they can easily find everything they need. Without gaining their thrust, you won’t sell them anything.

So, your website needs to be:

  • eye-catching
  • intuitive
  • functional
  • useful
  • up-to-date
  • SEO friendy.

Website Building Process

Website Purpose & Goals

This phase consists of many strategic questions concerning your total business – vision, mission, goals, target groups, etc.

Content Structure

Depending on previously defined issues, we set appropriate content structure of your website.

Communication Style

Each target market and target group requires corresponding communication style. Otherwise, they won’t be attracted with your promotional messages.

Website Structure

Although there are some standards about website structure, it has to be adjusted to a specific expectations of your target audience. Even more, it has to be adjusted with their thinking logic.

Content Creation and Implementation

When we know what kind of content you need, then starts a different creative process – production of exact marketing content. Implementation comes next.

User Experience Test

At the end we use different tests to check technical and contextual characteristics of a new website. When it meets previously set strategic marketing parameters, it’ll be launched.
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