There was Facebook. Today, list of social media is endless. Who is taking care of your social accounts?


It's easy to post, but image and credibility of your company depends on those posts

Oh, your sales manager after his main job, posts and communicates with visitors. Okay, but it’s not okay.

Although, your company doesn’t have to be present on all social networks, where it is present, it should be well-seen, recognizable, and credible.

Companies follow their target audience and join the same social media to develop good relationships with their potential customers. Each network requires tailored way of marketing communication, both written and visual. All that requires a lot of digital marketing content for continuous publishing. You must admit, it’s a huge and responsible job.

We know you are busy doing your basic business. Let us help you with managing your social media accounts.

Social Media Management Process

Target Audience Tracking

Each social networks has it’s audience, rules, and purpose. First, we need to find out where your target audience “hang out”, how often, what they usually post, etc.

Social Media Selection

Huge number of users and their frequent activities on some social media doesn’t necessarily mean that social network is the right choice for your company. Our recommendations contain the best options for you.

Social Media Plan

This plan should be sinchronized with your Digital Content Strategy and general Media Plan as it’s follow up. This plan gives answers to questions WHERE, WHEN, and WHAT to publish with the aim of achieving previously defined marketing goals.

Content Creation

It seams like an easy job, but creation of digital marketing content which have to leave planned impression on your target audience is a very demanding task.

Content Publishing

Using different tools, we schedule publishing of prepared digital marketing content according to Social Media Plan.

Results Analysis

Our monthly Results Analysis contains key parameters for success metrics including direct reactions on the most popular posts, day and time of the day when was the audience most active, and many other valuable information.
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