You are just a click away from your customers. But for sales, you need the right click.


You know you have to advertise your business. But where and how often?

“Boost your Facebook post and you’ll receive several orders.” – some would say.

You might, but for how long? Is it enough to do that once a month or…?

The question is what you want to achieve or what are your business goals for certain periods. Sales go up and down through the year. You know that. Proper ads can push your sales out of season or improve sales within season. Maybe you want to launch a new product or service. Digital ads can help you with that, too.

Choosing right ads and publishing them enough frequently at right time is part of Online Advertising plan. All respecting defined business goals.

Combination of regular digital marketing activities on your website and your social media accounts combined with proper online advertising contributes to your business success. No miracles. Only planned, long-term internet promotion through:

◦ Facebook Advertising
◦ Instagram Advertising
◦ Google AdWords
◦ Google Display Advertising, and
◦ advertising on other online media.

Let’s make your website visitors happy about clicking BUY NOW button.

Online advertising Process

Audience Tracking

Somehow we need to spy your target audience to be able to define the right way how to attract their attention.

Online Media Plan

This task considers choosing optimal combination of online media to achieve defined advertising objectives.

Media Campaign Adjustment

Each media campaign needs different promotional content which will be published on selected online media at planned time.

Results Analysis

If we expect to measure success of marketing campaigns, certain parameters should be tracked and analysed at the end of every campaign or monthly.
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