Sales depends on right information at the right time. Today it means immediately.


Your small team doesn't have time for chit-chat? Visitors don't care. They need answers

Are you aware of the fact that visitors on Facebook expect relevant answer to their question at least within 15 minutes? Instagram users are even more demanding. Their patience is about 5-7 minutes. And, what happens when you receive several email questions in the same time?

No worries. Using appropriate software, you can provide immediate help to your website visitor while he is surfing your website. Affability and efficiency can easily turn doubting visitor into buyer of your products or services on your web page, but you need someone to continuously be there ready to help.

Do what you do the best. We’ll learn to properly communicate with your prospects, and save you time and money.

Live Chat Customer Support Management Process

Live Chat Customer Support Manager Training

This manager has a crucial role in your brand/company image building because of direct contact with your prospects. The way he/she communicates, directly influences perception of your company’s professionalism. Therefore, Live Chat Customer Support Manager needs to be polite and competent in the same time.

Tools and working hour

On freequently visited websites, there are a lot of conversations through live chat every day. Sometimes interesting facts can be revealed. Their implementation may improve the business itself. But all if you have appropriate tool for live chat during working hours, and email communication when the manager is offline.

Results Analysis

As in every marketing activity, Live Chat Customer Support also needs to be monitored and measured. Therefore, we prepare monthly reports with most important metrics. Depending on our total cooperation with your company, we can prepare improvement suggestions according to website visitors’ freequent questions or comments.
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