Quality products and services are the base of online business. Only if the “right” people think they are quality


Finding and nurturing brand advocates is necessary for brand success

For thousands of years, recommendation is the most powerful promotion. It is in our DNA to ask family members, friends, experts, even so-called experts to tell us whether should we buy the certain product or not.

You can NOT change this fact! Adopt and use it.

Today, everybody is free to talk about almost everything. From the company side, hard part is finding suitable authors (bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, column writers, experts etc.) between the most credible ones, and establish profitable business cooperation with them. They are Marketing Influencers.

This is essential for small, not enough known companies, brands, products or services. Although, already recognized companies can benefit from these kind of arrangements, too.

We can help you find suitable influencers, and push word-of-mouth for your business.

Influencers Marketing Process

Finding Possible Brand Advocates

Who are the people who’s recommendations might have impact on your business? Sometimes they are experts, specialized journalists or popular vloggers, bloggers and other marketing influencers. Anyway, you need them to spread the word about your products or services.

Establishing Partnership

It’s easy to say, but complicated to win someone’s simpathy and trust. Especially, if we talk about widely recognized specialist in your business field. Hopefully, some will be open for cooperation with your company. You need to start from them.

Tracking of Recommendation Efficiency

Maybe some of your brand advocates wrote or said very nice things about your brand, but how much has that affected your business? You may need exact conversion rates, percentages of new subscribers or some other type of data to be able to measure effectiveness of this marketing activity.

Loyalty Nurturing of Most Influential Brand Advocates

Simply, some brand advocates recognize your products/services as very valuable, some find your business phylosophy corresponding to their mindset, some just love your creative way of promotion. Nevertheless, you need to nurture them as best friends.
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