Everyone can post. Even your young nephew. But, serious online business requires serious digital marketing strategy.


Visitors of your website expect to find there many details about your business

Constant improvement of your business is crucial for your success. Do that honestly and your customers will feel and appreciate that.

Everything you do should reflect on the Internet. Otherwise, it didn’t happen.
How, when, where, and what should be published to your audience is science of online marketing communications.

The way you say something, influences the way people see you and your business. Remember, “Devil is in the details”.

We are committed to digital marketing details, and impatient to create them for you.

Digital Content Strategy Development Process

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning (STP)

Depending on business and marketing goals, online marketing activities should be directed to precisely determined market segment. We need to know all about target audience to be able to set the right way of positioning in their minds.

Promotional Message(s) and Measurements

In this phase we define promotional message or messages for different promotional campaigns. Also, there should be set a list of parameters which will be measured during and after campaign.

Media Plan

Different online media have their own audience, communication style, formats, frequency, etc. We need to choose the right combination of media for every promotional message.

Online Promotion Results Analysis

We analyze the results at the end of promotion campaign or monthly in a case of ongoing campagins. These feedback information are valuable for further improvements of exact digital marketing content, media plan, promotion messages or other online marketing activities.
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