Average bounce rate can be 2.55% for 6 months and more


About project

Period: January – March 2016

Client: Emmi-dent Serbia

Subject: Website Building

Today every business needs a website. But, what kind of website? What content should be on it, and how it should be organized?

Emmi-dent.rs is one of those websites with detailed explanations and many examples although it’s a webshop. That is crucial for sales in their case.


Every product or a product group requires a special marketing approach. Good example for that is Emmi-dent, a world wide known unique ultrasonic toothbrush. It’s a toothbrush, but not an ordinary one. Although this product is a consumer good, in Serbia it is very expensive and therefore it’s not acceptable for average family.

As a part of its business strategy, distributor for Serbia has planned to put online marketing into focus of its total marketing efforts. It was a sort of experiment to find out is it possible to conquer Serbian market with Emmi-dent using Internet.


This case needed a mixture of classic and tailor-made online marketing solutions. Emmi-dent has different products for adults, for kids and also for pets. Therefore, we had to create a web shop with 15-20 products. That was easy to do.

The difficult part was to create a digital marketing strategy which will have education and sales in focus in the same time. We all know how to brush our teeth, but usage of Emmi-dent completely differs. So, our task was to educate target audience what is ultrasound, why is it useful to brush teeth with ultrasonic toothbrush, and how to use Emmi-dent. All that through a website.

Part of our task was to define target audiences in Serbia for different Emmi-dent products and dental problems and create corresponding digital marketing content.

Therefore, the website we have created for Emmi-dent in Serbia contained more than 10 static pages with detailed explanations. High technology which is implemented into Emmi-dent products become understandable to all thanks to principles of copywriting. How, why, when, who,… Everything is there, organized by topics, so everybody can easily find information they need.


Although, there was a little fear of possible “packed jack” effect, emmi-dent.rs soon become respectable virtual place where possible buyers can find all answers to their doubts and learn everything about dental health. Customer support has much easier job now.

Bounce rate is one of the best indicators what means appropriate differentiation and targeting. In the beginning of 2016 when emmi-dent.rs was launched, average bounce rate was 11.50%. Next year in the first 6 months average bounce rate was 2.55% with max bounce rate 20.83%. It means that this website visits mostly targeted audience which finds the information it needs.

This example shows how tailor-made quality digital marketing content contributes to building long-term trust of the most interested potential customers.

Starting Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate after 6 months
Max Bounce Rate


When it comes to more expensive products or services, good strategic marketing and copywriting is required. In the past, sales people were doing this job during personal meetings, but today we have the Internet. Fortunatelly 🙂

Therefore, the story about this supreme ultrasonic toothbrush is truly a story about successful website. It shows that it’s not only about product descriptions and functionalities, but understanding how consumers feel about their health problems why they actually need Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush. That understanding creates sales.