Supreme Teeth Cleansing Story

It’s hard to calculate true value of a website. But, if visitors find what they expect to find by the way they think, then you know you have a valuable website.


Sweet Story

Candy Subotica’s case is really a sweet story about website improvement which moved the whole business a head.


Who Is Actually Joking?

Finding out the right communication style which coresponds to target audience is not an easy job. Even more difficult is to keep its attention on high level and make respectable sales. In this case, all started with jokes.


Online Sales Depends on Instagram

Think like an average member of your target audience. Is he/she using Instagram on a daily basis? Is your brand active on this social media? The conclusion is very simple.


Focus on Keywords

If your brand is not widely known, they won’t search directly your website. This case shows how the right keyword map can push online sales.


Virtual word-of-mouth

The power of recommendation is enormous. K&P wisely collected appropriate ones. Here is how it has been done and where it ended.


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